MCHP PIC p18f4431: Motor Control, 3-Ph, IGBT

Development of a 3-Phases motor speed control via PWM controlling IGBTs.
+ Technology watch and R&D.
+ Electronics Hardware (schematics, BOM, PCB layout including SMPS) .
+ Embedded software in bare metal C on Microchip PIC p18f4431.
+ 1KW 3-phases motor.
+ Current sensing.
+ H-bridge regenerative breaking.
+ Flyback DCDC power supply.
(2006 – 2008)

Hi there! I'm Jérôme from France, currently a UK based freelance engineer and a globe trotter. My main experience is Embedded Software with Electronics Engineering. In fact, I love experiencing much broader things, learning new skills on the go, that's certainly why I like IoT.

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