CC2640R2F: Smart Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Central (client)

Development of a BLE central; The device is setup as a client, it connects to one or multiple Bluetooth sensors at the same time and without time multiplexing. The central gathers the information, processes them and takes action accordingly. With the TI CC2640R2F it runs on a single AAA battery.
[Project is still confidential, more details to come later]
Hi there! I'm Jérôme from France, currently a UK based freelance engineer and a globe trotter. My main experience is Embedded Software with Electronics Engineering. In fact, I love experiencing much broader things, learning new skills on the go, that's certainly why I like IoT.

2 thoughts on “CC2640R2F: Smart Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Central (client)”

    1. Hi DOM,

      To enable or disable advertising with simple peripheral on cc2640r2f just call the function `GAPRole_SetParameter(GAPROLE_ADVERT_ENABLED, sizeof(uint8_t), &advertEnabled, NULL);`.
      Before that, set `advertEnabled` to `1` for enable, or `0` for disable.


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