Makerspace Chiang Mai, Thailand

Working at Makerspace Thailand in Chiang Mai 

Makerspace Chiang Mai, Thailand
Laser cutter at Makerspace Thai in Chiang Mai

For the purposes of my IoT project, I was looking for a makerspace that would allow me to make my IoT prototype. Also called hackerspace, fablad, fabcafé,… some only have basic equipment like a 3D printer and a soldering iron. When it comes to more advanced electronics such as an oscilloscope or SMT reflow facilities there is not so much left. Let’s have a look at Makerspace Thai.

Why I choose Chiang Mai’s Makerspace Thai

Makerspace Thailand
Makerspace Thailand’s 3D Printers

I have contacted Nati, the owner of Makerspace Thai, on their Facebook page. He was more than happy to help building a toaster reflow oven for SMT prototyping. So I decided to move to Chiang Mai, certainly the home of the biggest digital nomad community in the world, for a month to build the IoT prototype. They also have a temperature controlled solder iron, a hot air soldering station and a basic oscilloscope too.

And that’s just about electronics, now add a big laser cutter, at least four 3D printers, two CNCs, a whole bunch of tools for woodwork as well as AC and good WiFi! But Nati is speaking about much more equipment, let me know on the comments if there’s something new.

Chiang Mai Taxi Tuk-Tuk
Taxi and Tuk-Tuk in Chiang Mai

The makerspace’s surrounding

Makerspace Thai is located in the heart of the old town, between cafés and stunning Temples, in a small quiet back street and next to Punspace Co-working space. There’s plenty of space to host any project and giant windows to let Chiang Mai’s daily sun come in.
The makerspace offer different price package depending on the frequency you need, from a single day use to the full-time membership. Check out their website for the updated rates.

Are you a Digital Nomad maker?

After a month spent in their space, I can say it out loud, Chiang Mai’s makerspace is the perfect place for Digital Nomad makers! I might meet you there one day 🙂

If you are around Malaysia there is a similar place. I’ll talk about the Makerspace located at the ground floor of aCat Co-working in Penang, Malaysia in a separate post.

Hi there! I'm Jérôme from France, currently a UK based freelance engineer and a globe trotter. My main experience is Embedded Software with Electronics Engineering. In fact, I love experiencing much broader things, learning new skills on the go, that's certainly why I like IoT.

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