Chaiuo Makerspace

Visiting Chaihuo Makers in Shenzhen, China 

Chaihuo MakerspaceMy trip to Shenzhen was aimed at meeting with manufacturers and suppliers for making IoT devices. It is also important to get the feeling of the life in the world capital of electronics and see if I could stay there longer. Knowing what equipment is available in each makerspace helps me to know where I could be located for working remotely as a Digital Nomad. I had the opportunity to visit the Chaihuo Makers. The makerspace also organize conferences, DIY activities and can put you in contact with manufacturers like their mother company Seeed Studio.

Equipment at Chaihuo Makers

I could not see their equipment as they are moving the makerspace to a bigger space but they do have a Reflow Toaster Oven for SMT prototyping and might have some more complex electronic equipment as I’ve been told.

Chaihuo Makers, Building A5
OCT-LOFT Building A5, Shenzhen, China

Direction to Chaihuo Makers

The address is:

OCT-LOFT A5 Room 227.

There is no sign outside, follow the building A5 and make your way up to the first floor.

This place is the showroom for public visits but the actual makerspace is moving to a new address in January 2017. The newly renovated ancient industrial area, OCT-LOFT, is beautiful. All around, you will find countless cafés, restaurants, art galleries, handicraft etc.. It is centrally located and easy access by Metro.

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